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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create a simple, yet effective organizational wall calendar! 

If you have a large office, a small in home craft room, or that little wall space where you keep your desk and materials, than this calendar will work for you! 

I needed this calendar to keep myself organized, and with the size/placement it’s completely out of the way of my business. Yet totally in my face to motivate!

I hope this can benefit you as much as it has me, that’s why I am giving away the cutting file completely free! Now you can recreate this in any size or color you wish !

Start by downloading the Free SVG here

Step One:

 Download my Free SVG above

 Step Two:

Upload the Ready To Cut SVG file to your Design Program (ex: Cricut Design Space)

Step Three:

Choose the size, Color and Headline you prefer and than Cut! 

Step Four:

Apply the decal to a clean, dry surface. If applying to an indoor wall I recommend using Oracle 631 Adhesive Vinyl as it is less likely to effect the paint on your walls

Step Five:

Write out all of your “To Do’s” or “Tasks” on Sticky notes and place them on each day you’d like them to be complete by! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

– Nik

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