Tutorial | Tooth Fairy Bags | 5 Easy Steps | DIY

Learn how to re-create these adorable Tooth Fairy Bags by following these 5 Easy Steps!

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I am about to show you in a 5 Easy Steps how to re-create my adorable Tooth Fairy Bags!

First things first, you will need to download Nik’s Tooth Fairy SVG —>

Available on Etsy & DesignBundles


Materials Needed:

  • Nik’s Tooth Fairy SVG
  • Jute/Burlap Bags 
  • Small Bottle (optional)
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Vinyl
  • Heat Press or Iron

Step One: Designing

 – Upload the SVG file into your chosen computer software to edit 

– Choose which design you will be using, adjust colors and sizes to fit your project

** Remember to measure the size of your bags to get an accurate size of the tooth! Fairy Wings are wider than tooth, you must account for that aswell**

Step Two: Cutting

 – Cut each piece of Heat Transfer Vinyl in it’s individual Color and Size 

– Type out the Child’s name in any preffered font or color, and cut with Heat Transfer Vinyl

** Remember to check HTV cutting instructions – Most recommend to Mirror the image, and place the Shiny Side down on your cutting mat **

Step Three: Pressing


First Press: Tooth onto the bag – make sure to center the design —– Start with Wings if using the Fairy Design!!


 Second Press: Line up the Smiley Face & Accessories —– if you can press all at once without overlapping than go for it ! 

If not, take your time and do one layer at a time !!!


Third Press: Add the name to the top of the Bag in the most comfortable place


*Professional Heat Press used in tutorial : 305*F (152*C) for 15 Seconds each press*

Step Four: Final Touches

–  Cut out the child’s Initial using regular vinyl

– Apply to small bottle — this bottle is used to keep the tiny tooth safe! This is an optional addition to your tooth fairy bags

Step Five: Keep or Sell !

The great news about this Design is it includes a Commercial License! So now you may go ahead and post to your business page and sell your Tooth Fairy bags to others! 

Or you can simply make this craft for your child, grandchild or friends! 

** You may not share the digital files with anyone else, if anyone would like a copy kindly direct them to the link above to purchase. Thank you!**

Find more Tooth Fairy designs by clicking the photos above!

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